blockchainmobilegames| Yang Lan: AIGC allows every ordinary person to be an artist and designer for 5 minutes

Special topic: 2024 China Brand Festival Women's Forum

The Women's Forum of 2024 China Brand Festival was held in Beijing from May 25 to 26. Yang Lan, chairman of Sunshine Media Group, attended and delivered a speech entitled "New Cultural scenes created in the AI era".

Today, Yang Lan has been in the media industry for 34 years and has experiencedBlockchainmobilegamesAll stages of the development of media, including the current era of large model generative AI. According to her introduction, as early as 2016, she led a team across the world to produce the AI documentary "in search of artificial Intelligence."

"I remember that before Alpha go and Lee se-dol had a man-machine war, I told my friends around me that I was going to do a global interview on artificial intelligence, and a lot of people asked, 'what is artificial intelligence? I've never heard of it, and some people say,'if you're a girl doing science and technology programs, you should do programs like art, entertainment and family service,'"Yang Lan recalls.

"I have a little rebellious spirit in my heart. I said, why can't I do it? Why can't liberal arts students do science programs? are women only concerned about the things around them? So I led the team in the month of the battle between Alpha go and Lee se-dol, standing on the first snowy campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and then I spent three years interviewing more than 200 experts from the world's top artificial intelligence laboratories, including pioneering scientists in deep learning, "she said.

Yang Lan pointed out that now it has begun to enter the fourth round of artificial intelligence marked by large model-generating AI, and the new technology is about to reshape the era of almost every industry.

In this era, what is the impact on the media and cultural fields? What new opportunities are there? This is a topic that Yang Lan has seriously thought about and constantly explored over the past year or so.

blockchainmobilegames| Yang Lan: AIGC allows every ordinary person to be an artist and designer for 5 minutes

"We live in such an era where technology and art are reunited at the top of the mountain, and they both bring new opportunities and new lives to each other, and of course they subvert each other's way of thinking and the form of presentation," Yang Lan said.

In its view, scientific and technological innovation and digital means of artistic expression have achieved vertical and unique accessibility and popularity. Today's AIGC allows every ordinary person to be an artist and designer for five minutes, and we have entered an era in which creation is popularized and popularized.

At the same time, the new technology has also brought a wealth of creative and expression means, the launch of a series of artificial intelligence generation software, so that everyone can use Vincent video, can also use video to generate images and music and so on. "this multimodal technology greatly enriches the means for everyone to show their inner world and emotions. at the same time, it is also an era of digital interaction and an era that promotes the inheritance and development of art," Yang Lan said.

"in the past, the media was detached, and to leave is to leave the body, such as a newspaper, a magazine, a radio, a television, including a mobile phone. It is just an object that leaves our bodies, and it is a medium. But in the era of artificial intelligence, our space is the media, for example, what you see, what you hear, what you smell, what you taste, what you touch, what you feel have the value and content of information, which will bring you some inspiration, some collisions, some inspiration. Let you generate new content, and you quickly use your mobile phone to share with your friends, "Yang Lan said.

She said that what Sunshine Media Group is doing now is to create a new closed loop of scene, experience, social networking and consumption, and realize the integrated display and dissemination of online and offline.

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